Life In A Bottle

Hani bal kasesini yıkamak gerekir ya ve bunun için balın yıkanmadan önce kaseden akıtılması lazımdır. Ters çevirip bekleyince, beklenir; akmaz kolay kolay. Beklenir, beklenir. İnatla o son damla ve onun damlaması beklenir.  İşte serumda böyle birşey.  Damla damla ama hızlı ve sonu gelmezdir onun akışı. Tıpkı ateşi izlemek gibi bakakalır insan ona.  Ben de bakıyorum…


@39.867, 32.736, @27.10.2016,@15.43

Wind and Leaves

@39°51’58.4″N 32°44’07.2″E, @13 December 2016, @13:30 Just a momentary experience in time.

Brick in Snow

Brick In Snow Snowy days have not passed away here yet. So the surreal surrounding still exists and gives me the opportunity to shoot interesting photography. This brick, I don’t know where it came from, was on the ice. Just a normal brick. But there are rectangular shapes on ice with that brick forming an interesting…

A Moment

I am living in a country that never settles. Every day there is an incident; One day a bomb goes off and kills numerous people,  another day a plane crashes, a pregnant woman attacked, a girl raped, an ambassador is killed and the list goes on.  If there is silence I fear about something to go off….


“Here”, @39.866, 32.736, @16 Dec 2016, @3:30 PM Its a snowy day and here are lots of footprints on snow, as a sign of people passing through this place.  Not only human footprints but there are also footprints of birds and dogs. These signs will be there until the snow melts, just as the signs of…

Abandoned Playground

“Abandoned Playground”, @21 November 2016, @4:40PM, @39.863638,32.7357003Objects are not just things, they can’t be. They must be affected with other things through their existence. Even water can change its molecular structure while freezing near an angry man or a happy man. A tomato can grow larger with music or a cow gives more milk with…

Limited Spaces 2

Looking into infinite space is not always the way sometimes there are micro spaces. If you look cafefull enough you can sense a new realm just under the flowers.